Principles of Leadership Excellence

Leading vs Managing
Successful business activity requires both a management plan and a method of implementation capable of motivating the individuals for making it work. Typically, success is contingent on effective management and leadership skills. Learn the difference between the two, and identify the traits that make you a unique and exceptional leader.

Of the skills required by a supervisor or manager- communication is probably the most important skill. Understand the concepts of communication and body language. Learn to send clear messages. Recognize the barriers that stop you from communicating effectively, and learn how to remove them Learn the art of listening and enhance your ability to hear the real message. Understand the traits of each communication style and how to best apply them in your communication techniques.

Conflict Resolution
Understand conflict and the cost it has on our business. Recognize the benefits to conflict, but also the techniques needed to control and manage them. Work through the 3 key aspects of workplace conflict to diffuse a situation and create a positive resolution. Learn the key conflict management styles, where yours fits, and how to apply the appropriate style for the best possible outcome.

Time Management
Time is an asset that must be budgeted and controlled like any other resource. Reduce stress, increase efficiencies, productivity, and gain greater control of your work environment with effective techniques to plan, prioritize, organize, and champion your long and short-term agendas. Identify your personal time management style, and get the most out of your time.

Motivating Employees
Ensuring that everyone involved feels motivated and engaged requires motives that lead, and values that feed. Learn what they are, how they apply, and how to apply them for optimum results. Understand what it takes to motivate your top performers, and what is needed to refocus and motivate poor performers.

Rewards & Recognition
The two leadership aspects that most affect the employer-employee relationship are how employees are recognized and valued, and how opportunities in career and personal development are managed. Learn the essentials of using employee recognition as part of a day-to-day management style. Understand the types of reward programs, and find out about low-cost recognition vehicles can lend powerful support to existing reward structures. Know the guidelines for fostering a positive and energetic environment that encourages employee retention.

As a manager with a team dependent on his or her coaching abilities, delegation is another of the most important skills. Make yourself more effective, and motivate your staff by learning solid delegation techniques. Learn how to assess the scope of tasks, how to identify who to assign them to, the communication of the key task details, and follow-up to ensure the mutual success of you and your employees.

Performance Management
Whether a formal or informal appraisal process, it makes sense to ensure that you and your employees have the same idea about what they are supposed to be doing. Learn how to give clear goals and expectations through the stages of Performance Management, and how to get through them effectively. Understand areas of performance concerns, how to identify them, and the techniques to improve the chances of success, disciplinary steps, and when all else fails, the termination process.

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