Superior Skills for Administrative Assistants

Management Support
Managers have to deal with their own set of very challenging pressures and priorities: conflicting organizational objectives, peer relations, functional challenges, and their own bosses. Learn essential rules, and practical solutions, that will allow you to take action and establish a winning strategy with your manager. Discover what you can do to stimulate better performance, encourage faster more effective decisions, foster more trust and improve your job satisfaction by building a high-performance working partnership that is beneficial to both you and your manager.

There are times when you are so busy that you don't want to take the time to plan. However, busy does not mean productive. Prioritizing effectively is imperative to growth and success - for organizations and for individual development. Learn the 10 critical steps to prioritizing that will allow you to get more done in less time while permitting you to remain in control of your day.

Time Effectiveness
Time effectiveness implies that you know how to focus your efforts on what really needs your attention. But, unlike the other resources that you manage, there is no way to control time. The best you can do is to take charge by investing your time in those things that matter most. Learn how to evaluate your effectiveness and apply methods that can assist you in realizing your goals of time efficiency. You will also discover crucial strategies for workload management that will allow you to take control of your day.

Think about how much of your energy is spent attempting to get your boss, team member or colleague to buy into your ideas or suggestions. Learn a five-step system that will improve your ability to get others to commit to your ideas and suggestions by increasing your ability to influence and persuade others.

Project Management
Project management is a vital tool for today's administrative professional. As your role expands, more emphasis will be placed on how you successfully execute and manage the projects assigned to you. Gain confidence and deliver solid results using powerful project management techniques. Learn how to identify the language of project management and generate a project life cycle.

Dealing with Difficult Attitudes
You don't have to go through life holding your breath around people who have "difficult" attitudes. Understand what motivates these individuals, how you can improve the effectiveness of your actions, maintain your integrity and self-esteem, and know when to let go!

Handling Workplace Pressures
Workplace pressure isn't all bad. Pressure is that little bit of tension that keeps us focused but, like a finely tuned instrument, if it's pulled too tight it can snap - leading to distress. Learn simple, easy to implement coping strategies that will both reduce workplace pressure and allow you to gain more energy.

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  • Workshop fees include a course manual and a certificate of completion.
  • Refunds will be issued for cancellations received 5 business days prior to the workshop date.  Cancellations after cut-off date will receive a credit note for future workshop or conference.


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