On-Site Training

Train your staff. On your schedule. At your convenience.

Whether your business operates as a small independent, or as a large networked corporation, maintaining a market advantage means continued focus on growth and development strategies.

Our On-Site Training opportunities support that directive with workshops suited to every level of business, in virtually every market category, from customer service levels, to administrative and sales roles, through to senior management.

We offer a large portfolio of workshops that assure only the most current and up-to-date trends and techniques are presented to your employees. Combined with exceptional presentation skills, and the detailed professional histories of our Facilitators, the results can be immediate

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Why Choose Canadian Training Resources for Your Corporate Training?

  • Workshops can be tailored to suit your needs
  • Our workshops are results oriented and economical
  • We provide your employees with the skills they need to move your company forward
  • Workshops are consistent, concise and specific
  • Canadian Training Resources teaches appropriate, effective management, service and administrative skills
  • Seminars are conducted at your location, wherever you are in Canada

Why Outside Trainers?

  • They have professional objectivity, are detached from internal situations, and do not get involved in corporate politics. This positions our external facilitators as an ideal, neutral medium between management and staff.
  • Within their designated area of expertise, our facilitators are able to bring real world solutions to localized situations, providing aligned resolutions and techniques that will motivate your employees.
  • In keeping current with market trends and being open to change, our facilitators are able to introduce new ideas and fresh perspectives.
  • By maintaining an un-biased relationship, they can encourage employees to contribute and interact effectively.
  • Their cost is based on a fixed fee, and quoted in advance based on your specific needs. No projections means no surprises!

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